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See Video for live link 91-237 Ewa Beach Road:

Stunning Sandy beachfront Ewa Estate with TWO single family detached homes

(MLS 202204333). Shown Sun 3/20, 1-4pm by appointment. Email: Lani@20DegreesN.com or Call 808-388-5555.

1050 Queen St., Suite 100, Honolulu HI ||  (808) 388-5555 || RB-22584

Chris Prendergast, Owner & Principal Broker


We are often asked, “Why the name 20 Degrees North Real Estate?”

Well, as we say in real estate, it’s all about  “location, location, location.” Our name is based on our latitude. Hawai’i is 20 degrees north of the equator, hence the name ’20 Degrees North.’


Our team is versed in Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Ilocano, Russian and Korean

Meet the 20 Degrees North Real Estate Team

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Chris Prendergast
Principal Broker

Chris Prendergast, RB-18917, Principal Broker, 808-388-5555, Chris@20DegreesN.com

Sandra DaRoza

Sandra DaRoza, RB-23432, Broker-in-Charge, 808-225-7291,Sandra@Keys2Hi.com 

Evelyn Dayton
Realtor Associate

Evelyn Dayton, RS-62579, Realtor Associate, 808-781-7959, Evelyn@20DegreesN.com

Liz Akina
Realtor Associate

Liz Akina, Realtor Associate, RS-76213, 808-852-9818, Email: Liz@20DegreesN.com

Elena Ferrara
Realtor Associate

Elena Ferrara, RS-60660, Realtor Associate, 808-258-5489, Elena@20DegreesN.com

Karen Garo
Realtor Associate

Karen Garo, RS-60012, Realtor Associate, 808-864-4153, Karen@20DegreesN.com

Lani Lancioni
Realtor Associate

Lani Lancioni, RS-66583, Realtor Associate, 808-387-5335, Lani@20DegreesN.com

Joyce Anna Miller
Realtor Associate

Joyce Anna Miller, RS-82536, Realtor Associate, 808-600-4255, JoyceAnna@20DegreesN.com

Maria Wang
Realtor Associate
Maria Wang, Realtor Associate, RS-40438, 808-636-1388, Email Maria@20DegreesN.com
Sandra Sun Shen

Sandra Sun Shen, RS-81983, Realtor Associate, 808-425-9708, SandraSun@20DegreesN.com

Jaylene Sablan
Realtor Associate

Jaylene Sablan, RS-82113, Realtor Associate, 808-209-1149, Jaylene@20DegreesN.com

Mike Syrgiy
Realtor Associate

Mike Syrgiy, RS-80810, Realtor Associate, 916-896-4211, Michael@20DegreesN.com

Cynthia U’i Milles
Realtor Associate
Cynthia U’i Milles, Realtor Associate, RS-79341, 808-778-9776, Cynthia@20DegreesN.com
Lourdes Dela Cruz
Realtor Associate
Lourdes Dela Cruz, RS-70551, Realtor Associate, Ph. 808-393-9549, email: Lourdes@20DegreesN.com
Sophia Park
Realtor Associate
Sophia Park, RS-84595
Realtor Associate
Alicia Cho
Realtor Associate

Alicia Cho, RS-79323 , Realtor Associate, (808) 741-1832, Alicia@20DegreesN.com

Melissa Rabino
Realtor Associate

Melissa Rabino, RS-76343, Realtor Associate

808-344-8566, Melissa@20DegreesN.com

Gina Mersburgh
Realtor Associate

Gina Mersburgh

Realtor Associate RS-78391



Rosa Correia
Realtor Associate

Rosa Correia

Realtor Associate RS-84967


619- 518-6400

Steven Mattus
Realtor Associate

Steven Mattus, RS-76781



Michael Pang
Realtor Associate

Michael Pang, RS-79398





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